July 21, 2018 7:08 pm

Finance App: SavedPlus

Keeping track of your personal finances is the most common struggle. Anything to make this feat easier is a welcome to my lifestyle. So, finance apps are a lifesaver. We wanted to feature one app in particular, SavedPlus! SavedPlus is a free app, for iPhone and Android, that also has a web dashboard as well. This app is about saving up money by portioning off a percentage of your purchases.



You can really start to see how this might add up, and give an extra boost to your savings goals. Our users save on average $200/mo!

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Each time you make a purchase, or make a payment, a percentage of the amount is transferred to your savings account. So, if you set your savings percentage to 5%, each time you make a purchase, 5% of that amount will be automatically put into your savings account. You can really start to see how this might add up, and give an extra boost to your savings goals.







SavedPlus is a financial tool that helps people from all economic backgrounds save money and meet financial goals. It comes from the idea that if we can help you put money aside each time you make a purchase, you’ll quickly save up enough money to achieve your financial goals. Whether that’s money to start a business, Christmas gifts for the kids, or even a down payment for a new house, the automatic savings powered by SavedPlus can help you get there.

You can use SavedPlus on your Android or iOS powered smart phone or online. It works with any bank, allowing you to put money aside every time you make a purchase or buy something.  Finally, we can get serious about savings without having to think about it over and over again.

Using SavedPlus might just be one of the best choices you’ll ever make about your financial future.

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Elizabeth Steinfeldt

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