July 21, 2018 7:01 pm

Index Funds Are Improving Corporate Governance

What happens when index funds run Corporate America? Hedge fund activist Bill Ackman posed that question recently in his fund’s annual letter to investors. It’s a really good one. No one knows what consequences the boom of passive investment funds will have for the corporations they own. It’s something my coauthors and I explore in […]

Hedge Funds Look for Hard Hats in a Year of Collapsing Merger

While last year set a record for the amount of money spent on corporate mergers — $4.7 trillion — this year is so far setting a very different record: the dollar amount of deals that have come undone. Since the beginning of January, $400 billion worth of corporate mergers have been withdrawn in the United […]

5 Debt Funds Will Be Investment amid Falling Interest Rates

Interest rates are softening. The Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan in his credit policy in early April reduced repo rates by 25 basis points to 6.5 per cent. Rajan hinted at further rate cuts should monsoon be good this year. Bankers too are seeing interest rates softening going forward. “Interest rates should soften during […]

6 Safer Funds to Buy, Low-Risk Investments

According to Lipper, stock funds that are based in the U.S. saw the biggest weekly outflow since early January in the week ending May 4. Dismal corporate earnings were blamed. However, funds that are deemed safer than their stock counterparts attracted significant investor attention during the same timeframe. Investment-grade bond and Treasury funds saw healthy […]

When Active Fund Management Makes Sense for Investors

Reshare from USNews;   In some areas of your portfolio, it may make sense to opt for an actively managed fund. High-yield municipal bonds and international small cap funds are solid choices for active management. The debate between active and passive management may never be settled, particularly in the media. Plenty of investors, advisors and academics hold […]

Potato Salad Project Raises Nearly $55,492

Potato Salad Project Raises Nearly $55,492

A Columbus man known as Zack Brown has successfully managed to raise $55,492 to fund the world’s most-expensive potato salad project. This is quite strange considering the fact that he was initially asking for just $10. Donations are still pouring in. It is said that his Kickstarter campaign started as a parody at the fund-raising […]

Company Buzz: Blackberry’s Value on the rise Once Again

Blackberry’s Value on the rise Once Again

According to the Reuters, Blackberry’s share value (BBRY) increased 9.4% to $9.08 at the premarket. In fact, it has even outperformed CNNMoney and NASDAQ. The Canadian Smartphone maker will hope to continue its improved performance in the future, given that its first-quarter loss was less than expected. So investors can hope for a payoff. The first-quarter […]

Confirmed: icitizens aims to strengthen American democracy with a mobile app

One of the things that make the United States a proud nation is its mature democracy, but there are some major issues it still needs to tackle. iCitizen is a startup that aims to strengthen American democracy and give you a voice to speak out about issues that are important to you. With the mobile app, […]

Obamacare: Simple Answers To Some Of the Most Important Questions

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also popularly known as Obamacare, has probably generated more questions and controversy than virtually any other law in recent memory. Because it is such a bipartisan issue, with politicians on either side trumpeting their position as the most beneficial and correct, finding clear-cut answers to some important questions […]

Finance App: SavedPlus

Keeping track of your personal finances is the most common struggle. Anything to make this feat easier is a welcome to my lifestyle. So, finance apps are a lifesaver. We wanted to feature one app in particular, SavedPlus! SavedPlus is a free app, for iPhone and Android, that also has a web dashboard as well. […]

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