August 18, 2018 2:03 am

How to Leverage Your Small Business Financing

Small-business owners have great tools to secure their futures: SEP IRAs, Solo-401(k)s and Simple IRAs. Here’s how to put them to work. Owning your own small business is a popular notion in the United States. With more than 28 million small businesses in the U.S. representing over 50% of the working population in this country, […]

What Brexit Means for Your Investment Portfolio

Today is not the day to look at your personal pension balance. You probably have less money than you did yesterday, and odds are the market will recover from the shock of the referendum. But the Brexit vote may still have long-term impacts for your wealth. If nothing else it should serve as a reminder […]

Index Funds Are Improving Corporate Governance

What happens when index funds run Corporate America? Hedge fund activist Bill Ackman posed that question recently in his fund’s annual letter to investors. It’s a really good one. No one knows what consequences the boom of passive investment funds will have for the corporations they own. It’s something my coauthors and I explore in […]

This Is Why Biotech Stocks May Explode Again

Biotech stocks fell into one of the deepest craters in their history, starting last summer, but rumblings of a recovery are sounding. After a three-year bull run that more than quadrupled its value by its peak last July, IBD’s Medical-Biomed/Biotech Industry Group plunged 50% by early February, hurt by backlashes against high drug prices and mergers that seek to lower […]

Costco Accidentally Sells a Laptop for $0.01

Costco Lists Laptop for One Cent Fiscal Today

Early morning on October 12, consumers visited Costco online to find a laptop listed for $0.01. When browsing through HP laptops, the Star Wars™ Special Edition notebook listed for $1,016.99 but when visitors clicked on the item, a new page opened with a new price- one cent. Then if users added on a deal, enhancing the […]

OfferUp: Sell Your Items Locally with this App!

When it comes to making a quick buck or just cleaning out your closet, the go-to platforms have been eBay and Craigslist. But those can be really hit-and-miss; either you end up selling it for much less than expected, it ends up taking forever, or you have to deal with some shady people. Sure, Craigslist […]

Today’s Tech Funding News Brief

Spotify Closes $526M Funding Round As The Fight With Apple Escalates All ears may have been tuned in on Apple’s announced music-streaming service this week, but Spotify is stepping up its game thanks to a fresh $526 million funding round, according to a Wall Street Journal report, valuing the company at $8.53 billion. This effectively […]

Venmo: App to make and share payments

Easily one of the best finance apps, for sending and receiving payments, is Venmo. It seemlessly integrates with your credit/debit card and bank account. You know those times when it’s too complicated to split a check, or you want to quickly pay a friend back but you don’t have the cash? Just use Venmo! Send […]

San Francisco Second US city to raise minimum wage to $15

Tuesday saw San Fransisco become the second city in the U.S. to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. This motion was approved after 77% of voters agreed that minimum wage should be gradually inctrased from $10.74 to $15 an hour. This decision is following the state of Seattle’s approval in June to raise […]

Income Inequality in America: By the Numbers

For as long as I can remember, one of the biggest hot-button issues in this country has been the staggering inequality between how much is made by the top one percent and the remaining 99. Supporting advocates against it are the numbers, all of which show that not only is this gap wide, it is […]

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