July 21, 2018 7:05 pm

Potato Salad Project Raises Nearly $55,492

A Columbus man known as Zack Brown has successfully managed to raise $55,492 to fund the world’s most-expensive potato salad project. This is quite strange considering the fact that he was initially asking for just $10. Donations are still pouring in.

It is said that his Kickstarter campaign started as a parody at the fund-raising site, which normally funds serious business start-ups like mobile applications and movie productions.

Potato salad project with the initial goal of $10

But Brown’s idea has quickly generated a lot of internet buzz which has seen the pledges hit beyond the $50,000 mark. However, Brown has not said what he will use the excess money. There are suggestions that the funds can be used to start a local food bank.

Since Kickstarter doesn’t allow money raised through the platform to be used for any other purposes such as donating to charity, you should just expect more and more potato salads for now.

What is even more baffling is the fact that Brown had no idea what kind of potato salad he was going to make. One could imagine that he had pitched a very detailed business proposal. “I’m making potato salad… I haven’t decided what kind yet”. This is what he said in the campaign page.

It is still not clear why so many people got excited by a project so vague, but at least some of them hope to get some yummy salad in return. If Brown decides to reward his funders for their donations, then it means he’s going to have to ship more than 6,000 bites because more than 6,900 people have pledged a donation. However, it seems that most of them aren’t going to get a bite after all after Brown indicated that he would invite only those who backed $10 and above to a potato salad party.

This is definitely something newsworthy and many news channels like CNN have aired it because not many projects manage to get funded in Kickstarter even after making detailed business proposals.

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