July 21, 2018 6:51 pm

How Every Major Asset Class Has Performed Since The Taper Tantrum Started

“The ‘taper tantrum’ is over: markets have retraced much of their post May 22 sell-off, with US equities reaching fresh all-time highs,” write Deutsche Bank strategists in their latest “House View” report. The chart below shows returns in various key markets around the world – year-to-date, since May 22, when Ben Bernanke’s congressional testimony sparked […]

Stocks Are In The Middle Of An Back-And-Forth Battle, The Likes Of Which We Haven’t Seen In Decades

Check out this chart of the S&P 500. Notice something about the past several days You might not, because it’s a little hard to read, but we’ve now had 13 straight days of alternating red and white days, meaning 13 straight days of alternating positive and negative closes. And while Friday was a negative close, […]

Investors Often Take A ‘Taylor Swift’ Approach To Investing, And That’s A Mistake

The other day I was driving my daughter to school and a Taylor Swift song came on the radio. She immediately pleaded with me from the back seat to turn it up.   As she was bopping her head back and forth and singing the tune – the lyrics got me to thinking about how investors […]

Here’s The Ridiculous Way Bears Are Justifying Their Wrong Calls While The Stock Market Is At All-Time Highs

Nobody likes to admit that they were wrong, especially when the mistake is directly tied to one’s job description. With the stock markets surging to all-time highs, Wall Street’s most famous bears have found themselves struggling to explain to their clients why they were told to stay out of stocks. While each bear’s explanation is […]

The Stock Market Is Just A Few Points From An All-Time High

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