July 16, 2019 1:53 am

And Now For A Hedge Fund Scoreboard Check

The time has come for the monthly status check on the performance of the now largely anachronistic hedge fund industry: a 2 and 20 anachronism (whose every phone call is monitored by the FBI nowadays, thanks Stevie Cohen) because in Bernanke’s centrally-planned world, risk is verboten, as are any selloffs, and if indeed one does […]

Hedge Funds Are Shorting The Market Now More Than They Have All Year

According to reporting by Bloomberg, bearish bets by hedge funds have reached their highest level of the year.  After being squeezed on their shorts over the past four years as equities rallied, a potential crash this time could prove more profitable for hedge funds as “growth prospects are lower and valuations are higher.” The price-earnings ratio for […]

Three Wall Street Strategists Explain What Investors Are Missing Right Now

  Today we’re at the Big Picture Conference, a day-long event put on by Ritholtz Wealth Management. Ritholtz’s Josh Brown just closed up a group of panelists (all Chief Strategists at their respective firms)¬†with this question – what are investors missing from the big market narrative right now According to Brown, here’s what we think […]

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