May 26, 2018 11:35 am

Two Of Jim Chanos’ Prodigies Are Starting Their Own Short Hedge Fund

Mike Monnelly and David Bonnier – two former analysts at Jim Chanos’s Kynikos – have started a new short hedge fund based in London, Bloomberg’s Bei Hu reports.  Bonnier joined Kynikos  in 2005. Monnelly joined in 2006. Their new enterprise – The Arhammar Short Alpha Fund – “will invest in 30 to 50 stocks which […]

American Companies Have Basically Been Asking For Activist Hedge Funds To Take Their Money

The rise of activist hedge funds in the last few years has American companies looking over their shoulders to see if an investor boogie man is following somewhere close behind. It’s scary, but here’s the thing – American companies brought it on themselves. Looking back, it made sense that companies were afraid to use their […]

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