March 18, 2018 9:16 pm

ANALYST: For The Next Market Cycle, It’s Time To Do The Exact Opposite

Some interesting thoughts here from BofA quant strategist Savita Subramanian on what will work, investment-wise, during the next market cycle. Her basic argument: ever since the tech bubble, the leaders have been credit-reliant companies, and consumer-oriented companies whose business models are predicated on cheap credit. In the next leg, the winners will be companies with […]

How To Hire For Your Brand New Hedge Fund

One of the benefits of working as an investor is that you don’t necessarily need to manage large teams to make money.  Many of the most well-known hedge funds have very, very low headcounts, with far fewer employees than normal companies in the same revenue range. But you still need to hire some people once […]

American Companies Have Basically Been Asking For Activist Hedge Funds To Take Their Money

The rise of activist hedge funds in the last few years has American companies looking over their shoulders to see if an investor boogie man is following somewhere close behind. It’s scary, but here’s the thing – American companies brought it on themselves. Looking back, it made sense that companies were afraid to use their […]

REPORT: SAC Capital Is Going To Shut Down Its London Office

Bloomberg News reports that Stamford, Connecticut headquartered SAC Capital Advisors plans to shut down its London office by the end of this year.  A bunch of portfolio managers in SAC’s London unit, SAC Global Investors, have already left the office located at St. Martins Court on 10 Paternoster Row.  Back in July, SAC, which is run by […]

REPORT: JP Morgan Is About To Pay A Gigantic Fine, And It Could Still Face Criminal Charges

Multiple outlets are reporting JP Morgan will pay a $13 billion civil penalty for allegedly failing to warn investors about risks in mortgage backed securities trades. It would be the largest civil penalty ever levied, representing more than half of the bank’s 2012 profits. But it may still not be enough to shield it from […]


The Senate has voted to pass a bill that reopens the government and raises the nation’s $16.7 trillion borrowing limit, almost putting an end to a 16-day federal government shutdown and ending the threat of a potential default on U.S. obligations. The bill cleared a key procedural hurdle, by an 83-16 vote, to move it […]

Don’t Try To Invest Like The Yale Endowment

FA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business Insider that delivers the top news and commentary for financial advisors. It’s Pointless Trying To Adopt The Endowment Model To Your Clients’ Portfolios (Advisor Perspectives) The endowment model – investing in illiquid assets in the hope to replicate the results of Yale and other such endowment models […]

Here’s Where Every Federal Reserve Official Went To School

Federal Reserve Vice Chair Janet Yellen is about to be nominated for Fed Chair. “Yellen will not only be the first woman Fed chair, she also will be the oldest on appointment,” noted Lorcan Roche Kelly. Since everyone loves trivia, here’s a ton of it. From Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s U.S. economics team, here’s […]

It Would Be Horrible For Obama To Negotiate On The Debt Ceiling — With One Exception

The White House is firm in its stance that it will engage in no negotiations on the debt ceiling. It’s demanding a “clean” hike from Congress, unlike in 2011, when it ultimately agreed to 11th-hour spending cuts in order to avoid a debt ceiling breach. This refusal to negotiate appears to be more than merely […]

Sotheby’s Has Adopted A ‘Poison Pill’ To Ward Off Dan Loeb

Sotheby’s has announced that it has adopted a ‘poison pill’ – a shareholder rights plan – to stop any single investor from owning more than 10% of the company. The auction house didn’t name any names or anything, but earlier this week activist hedge fund manager Dan Loeb, CEO of Third Point Partners, upped his […]

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