July 9, 2020 12:53 pm

Tradition Launches Electronic Trading Platform for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) & Inflation Derivatives

Tradition, a leading global brokerage company servicing the world’s largest primary dealers, today announced that it has launched Stream Global for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (“TIPS”), to increase volumes in the US inflation market.


StreamGlobal is an integrated voice and electronic price execution platform.  It integrates the functionality of Volume Match with straight-through processing to ensure rapid and efficient price discovery, order management and execution.

“As a leading cash and derivatives inter-dealer broker and a strong proponent of  increased liquidity and transparency in the marketplace, we are delighted to offer primary dealers in TIPS a new and flexible route to trading  US inflation” said Darren Gerard, Head of Inflation, North America, who ran the project to get the platform into the marketplace.

He continued:

“This represents a huge step for the TIPS marketplace. We are confident that this latest offering will further strengthen our position as the recognized leader in this field. As the markets become more dynamic, we’re finding more interest amongst our client base for our proven technology platform that offers functionality rich, lightweight applications within a secure, regulated environment.”


Through SteamGlobal, users benefit from client technology which allows improved delivery with managed product updates and enhancements, speed, availability and durability.

Tradition’s electronic trading platform is designed to provide flexibility to customers with regard to price discovery, execution and processing of transactions, and enables them to use voice, hybrid, or, where available, fully electronic brokerage services in connection with transactions executed either OTC or through an exchange.

The Volume Matcher is an application within the StreamGlobal system. Volume Matcher is an anonymous auction-style trading system, which provides customers with efficient price discovery, order management. It is run several times per day at specific times.

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