January 21, 2021 9:51 pm

ANALYST: For The Next Market Cycle, It’s Time To Do The Exact Opposite

Some interesting thoughts here from BofA quant strategist Savita Subramanian on what will work, investment-wise, during the next market cycle. Her basic argument: ever since the tech bubble, the leaders have been credit-reliant companies, and consumer-oriented companies whose business models are predicated on cheap credit. In the next leg, the winners will be companies with […]

Last Month, Goldman Sachs Quietly Retired A Legendary Investment Strategy

Peter Lynch is known as something of a legend in the mutual fund industry. The stock-picking guru was responsible for 29% annualized returns as the manager of Fidelity’s Magellan Fund from 1977 to 1990, which he took from $18 million in assets under management to more than $14 billion in that 13-year span. Lynch popularized […]

Sears Shares Are Spiking After It Says It’s Considering Spinning Off Lands’ End (SHLD)

Shares of Sears Holdings are ripping with the stock last trading up about 10%.   The retailer put out a press release this morning detailing plans to transform the business. Sears says that it’s considering spinning off its Lands’ End business and Sears Auto Center business.   Here’s an excerpt from the release:  We are […]

David Einhorn’s Hedge Fund Had A Jelly Donut Party After Bernanke Announced There Would Be No Taper

Hedge fund manager David Einhorn has been an outspoken critic of “QE-infinity,” as some call it - the seemingly unending Fed policy of buying $85 billion worth of bonds every month. He even wrote a Huffington Post column about it last year called  ‘The Fed’s Jelly Donut Policy” where he equated the Fed’s policy with Homer Simpson’s addiction […]

ANALYST: Whoever Sold Bill Ackman Those Herbalife Options Is ‘Very Lucky’ And They’ll Have The ‘Winning Hand’

D.A. Davidson analyst Timothy Ramey, who covers Herbalife’s stock, is out with a note today following Bill Ackman’s repositioning on his $1 billion Herbalife short position in an effort to reduce risk.  According to an investor letter released late last night, Ackman’s Pershing Square swapped more than 40% of its equity short position in Herbalife […]


The fourth quarter began with the U.S. government shutting down.  As Congress continues work on a budget deal to get the government back online, the U.S. inches toward the debt ceiling once again. Meanwhile, stocks are near their all-time highs as the Federal Reserve continues to pump money into the credit markets through its large-scale […]

A Discussion On Reddit Contains Two Terrific Insights On How Hedge Funds Operate And Beat The Market

What do hedge funds do, and how do they make money These are questions everyone wants answers to. And most people would like those answers to not be too technical. Reddit user gadela08 who claims to be a hedge fund insider provides a brief, crystal clear explanation of how hedge funds operate. 1) On securities […]

Awesome Interactive Map Shows ‘The Financial States Of America’ With Tons Of Economic Data

We spotted this interactive map from MoneyChoice.org, which shows a ton of economic data in an easily understood and very cool way. You can check out how your state ranks and the data behind the rankings on anything from GDP, household income, tax burden, etc. This would certainly come in handy if you might want to […]

15 Insights From The Man Who Taught The World To ‘Think And Grow Rich’

Napoleon Hill, a Great Depression-era author and former advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, decided more than 76 years ago to figure out the key to wealth. To do so, he interviewed more than 500 of the most successful men in the U.S. at the time, such as Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and Charles M. Schwab.  The […]

Carl Icahn Has His Own Pasta Dish On The Menu At This Midtown NYC Italian Restaurant

On Saturday evening I was looking for an interesting Midtown Manhattan restaurant to get dinner.  I decided to try an Italian place on 56th Street called Il Tinello. It’s a really charming spot.  The service was impeccable and the food and wine was fantastic.   It turns out that billionaire investor Carl Icahn is a regular […]

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