July 15, 2019 1:21 pm

Almost No Risk Is Priced Into Financial Markets, And There’s Virtually Nothing On Investors’ Radar (SPX, SPY, DIA, DJI, QQQ, VIX, TLT)

Since the government shutdown ended and a debt ceiling crisis was averted, global financial stress has fallen to levels not seen since before the financial crisis. “The GFSI index, measuring market stress through 40 factors covering 5 asset classes, witnessed one of its fastest historical declines following the temporary US debt resolution last week,” write […]

Gold: To Invest Or Not To Invest?

Invest in gold

Gold investment is something always talks about various opinions. A lot of people claim that gold is the ultimate store of value that has withstood against all odds for over a millennium, and will continue to stand when the world’s economy collapses under the overbearing weight of its own debt. Other opinion corroborates with John […]

How the Global Market Welcomes the New Mobile Manufacturers

New mobile manufacturers

The generation today is witnessing an exciting transformation among all the small US manufacturers of mobile phones. In addition to that, a lot of new mobile manufacturers are jumping into the mix giving customers a comprehensive range of choices in terms of quality, price as well as features. For example, you might have heard about […]

The Weekend Is Over, And Markets Instantly Drop

Rather than inch towards a fiscal deal this weekend, Washington amped up the rhetoric about the debt ceiling and “default.” And so, markets are going down. It’s as simple as that. S&P futures are off about 8 points. You can see the drop here on this chart from Friday’s close. Join the conversation about this […]

Stocks Are Sliding Fast

Since the opening bell, U.S. stocks have taken a turn downward, and are now trading near their lows of the day. Right now, the S&P 500 is trading at 1695, down 0.7% from yesterday’s close. Treasuries, on the other hand, aren’t moving much. Right now, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note is 2 basis […]

Berkshire Hathaway Earnings Beats Estimates By $218 Per Share

Berkshire Hathaway’s Q2 financial results are out. Operating earnings came in at $2,384 per share.  This is up 5.8% year-over-year. This was also well ahead of the $2,166 per share forecasted by analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. The stock closed at $176,500 per share today. Berkshire Hathaway is the massive holding company of billionaire Warren Buffett.  […]

Booz Allen Shares Just Spiked (BAH)

Shares of Booz Allen Hamilton are spiking in after-hours trading. However, it’s unclear exactly what’s going on. The move comes after a CNBC tweet: “ALERT: Accenture in talks to buy consulting firm Booz & Company; unclear if Booz & Co. has other suitors - DJ” According to the Wall Street Journal’s Joann Lublin and Sharon […]

How Every Major Asset Class Has Performed Since The Taper Tantrum Started

“The ‘taper tantrum’ is over: markets have retraced much of their post May 22 sell-off, with US equities reaching fresh all-time highs,” write Deutsche Bank strategists in their latest “House View” report. The chart below shows returns in various key markets around the world – year-to-date, since May 22, when Ben Bernanke’s congressional testimony sparked […]

Mobile payments about to take off

Mobile Payment System

Mobile payments are here to stay and will eventually become the primary way to go not only for small value, everyday transactions, but also for larger volume purchases. Who says that? Well, first things first!  Let’s start by defining what mobile payment is. Mobile payment is an alternative method to cash, credit or debit card and […]

Student Loan Debt Increases

Student loans increase

A poll by Sallie Mae indicates that parents, nowadays, pay for 27% of their children’s tuition, down from 36%, according to finance.yahoo.com; what does that translate to for college students? Of course, more and more college students have to take on debt to be able to finance their studies. It comes as no surprise that […]

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