August 15, 2019 5:57 pm

Wall Street’s Brightest Minds Reveal The Charts That Worry Them Most

With optimism resurfacing over the global economy and the perception that major tail risks in the United States, the euro zone, and China have been mostly squared away, what’s left to worry about We posed the question to our favorite analysts, economists, and traders across Wall Street – and we were surprised at the number […]

America Is Officially Freaking Out About Sequestration

After lamenting in a press conference Friday that he could not do more to avert the forced spending cuts known as sequestration, President Barack Obama will sign a sequestration order sometime later in the day.  Obama and both parties of Congress have been warning about the cuts of the sequester for the past few weeks. […]

A Former Deloitte Partner Just Listed His Gorgeous Connecticut Oceanfront Home For $8.3 Million

Is there anything better than living right on the ocean Jim Duffy, a former senior partner at accounting firm Deloitte, and his wife are selling their gorgeous five bedroom, 6,433 square foot ocean front hom for $8.3 million, (h/t WSJ). If the ocean isn’t enough of a selling point, this gorgeous house also comes with […]

The Fabulous Life Of David Tepper — The Hedge Fund Manager Who Made The Most Money In 2012

David Tepper, the founder of $12 billion-distressed-debt hedge fund Appaloosa Management, is one of the most successful hedge fund managers in the world.  The billionaire fund manager had a great year with his flagship fund finishing up about 30 percent, according to Forbes.  Last year, Tepper was the highest-earning hedge fund manager, taking home $2.2 billion, […]

Sears Once Ruled The World From This Decaying Office Tower In Chicago (SHLD)

These buildings were the headquarters of Sears, Roebuck and Co., America’s greatest retailer for seven decades. Sears tested its products and printed the famous catalog in the complex just outside Chicago. But in 1974, the company moved to the Sears Tower and these buildings were left deserted for 30 years. In that time, Sears went […]

Here Was The ‘Secret’ Chart That Predicted That The Italian Election Was Going To Be Crazy

Rome, Italy - The Italian election appears to be heading to a chaotic outcome, as the Italian lower house is almost a 3-way horse race between the left (PD), the right (PDL) and the rebellious 5-Star movement (lead by Beppe Grillo). Should you be surprised by this turn of events Not really, here’s why. A […]

Mario Monti Is Getting Demolished

Rome, Italy -The first wave of election polls are out, and the good news for international markets is that it looks like center-leftists Pier Luigi Bersani is going to win. But here’s a stunning number. Check out the collapse in support for Mario Monti, the technocrat, Brussels-approved Prime Minister who came in in late 2011 […]

It’s VERY Close In The ‘Ohio Of Italy’

Rome, Italy - It appears at first blush that left candidate Pier Luigi Bersani has won the Italian election. But these are just exit polls. And beyond that, there’s still some question about the Senate. Everyone is watching the Lombardy region, which people even know there as the “Ohio Of Italy”, because of its outsize […]

Chinese Official Caught On Camera Trashing Airport After He Misses Flight

In the video below, a man and his wife are at an airport in the Chinese city of Kunming when they are informed they have missed their flight. The man becomes irate. He points angrily at the air stewards on the desk before kicking and smashing everything in sight. The video has become a hit […]

The 8 Best Charts Of The Week

The world is changing, and nowhere is that better illustrated than in a good series of charts. Luckily, we’ve seen no shortage of excellent charts this week that amply illustrate the changes underway. The best charts this week touch on everything from a mysterious 8:20 AM trading pattern to just how bad Wall Street is […]

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