October 19, 2014 11:47 pm

7 Gaming Apps Being Used by Banks

Banking apps are generally fairly generic with no huge point of differences. You log in using a bank branded login page, to a generic board showing account summaries with the bank logo in the corner, and that’s usually it - but things are changing. Banks and other financial institutions are starting to use gamification techniques to increase app engagement, encourage customers to pay greater attention to their money and spending habits and draw attention to new products.


  1. BB&T Debuts Avatar App
    The BB&T app debuted in October and lets the user play as a medieval hero, helping characters of Failburg succeed. The app is targeted at teenagers and bank employees to teach them about leadership.

  2. BBVA Game
    The Spanish-owned bank awards prizes to customers for watching videos about their products.
  3. PNC
    PNC Bank has added something new to it’s account transfer feature. When users touch a “punch the pig” button to transfer money into a growth accounts from a spend account, the transaction is confirmed with an audible oink. Alternatively, users can shake their phone to deposit funds.
  4. Grow Financial
    Grow Financial is hoping to catch the eye of passers by for a new Tampa branch by offering an interactive video wall.
  5. mBank
    mBank (a unit of BRE Bank Group in Warsaw) has overhauled their online banking platform, including a number of gaming techniques. The system includes the opportunity to earn badges by learning about the systems new features.
  6. Bank of Hawaii
    In October, the Bank of Hawaii introduced a Facebook game to draw attention to it’s new mobile deposit capture feature. “Say Deposit” is the name of the game, trains people on how to use the smartphone feature and offers weekly prizes to incentivize participation.
  7. Litchfield National
    Litchfield National Bank has debuted a mobile app to educate children about money, integrating games (such as dressed up “Piggums”) into the educational experience.

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Steinfeldt.