October 9, 2018 5:57 pm

Hedge Funds Look for Hard Hats in a Year of Collapsing Merger

While last year set a record for the amount of money spent on corporate mergers — $4.7 trillion — this year is so far setting a very different record: the dollar amount of deals that have come undone. Since the beginning of January, $400 billion worth of corporate mergers have been withdrawn in the United […]

High-Risk, High-Reward World of Investing in Startups

Both you and your grandma can invest in startups from her living room starting Monday, May 16. That’s thanks to a rule change in the way crowdfunding works that, after years of wrangling, will finally go into effect. The new rule “should open a whole new market for investment capital for very small businesses and […]

12 Simple Money Rules to Live by

One-size-fits-all financial advice isn’t supposed to work. We’re all as unique as snowflakes, so the financial rules that guide us should be molded to our individual situations. Except it turns out that rules of thumb can be really helpful.   A study of West Point cadets, for example, found teaching rules of thumb was at […]

10 Essential Money Tips for College Grads

When you graduate from college, there are plenty of steps you’ll take as you enter the real world. Of course, one of the biggest is getting a job so you can earn money to support yourself now that you’re on your own. It’s also very important to learn how to manage your money responsibly. Unfortunately, […]

Top Expenses for Newlyweds

Although the honeymoon phase and post marriage “combination of things” are considered to be one of the most enjoyable times in a couple’s life, often times this also means learning how to manage dual finances! While single, we do not realize the expenses and the needs which start surfacing shortly after marriage, so for most […]

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