July 3, 2016 3:14 am

The Success of Startups


It looks extremely simple and easy from the outside when you see someone with the latest technological innovations and venture capital funding, becoming a billionaire in his 20s. The evidence points to the contrary. It actually suggests that venture backed startups that fail are far higher than what the industry usually shows. According to research […]

Featured Finance Startup: Backbase


Our featured finance startup this week is Backbase, a software company.  Backbase is a portal for commercial banking that streamlines online interactions with customers on multiple devices. Backbase designs products that improve the lives of real people. Their vision and mission are as follows: We have created the world’s leading lean customer experience platform. It has […]

10 Timeless Marketing Lessons that Hold True for Mobile


There are a number of truths in marketing today that, like the author, have existed for quite some time. Most, like a fine wine, have improved with age, providing greater relevance and insight. We invite you to learn from these time-tested fundamentals and how they apply to today and tomorrow. Or, ignore them at your peril. 1. The […]

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