July 3, 2016 3:13 am

More Second Chance Banking Accounts

Money puzzle

Second Chance Banking Options Are you aware that you could be deprived of the chance to open a checking account? You could experience this issue when you fail to come up with a good history of your previous account.  Just like credit bureaus monitor check your credit score, there are systems that monitor your checking […]

Featured Finance Startup: Mint


Our Featured Finance Startup this week is Mint, an online personal spending and budgetary tool to help track your goals, set a budget and do more with your money. In 2005, Mint founder Aaron Patzer was looking at a gruelling afternoon of accounting-type work, from poring over statements to categorizing purchases. A few hours in […]

Featured Finance Startup: Simple


  Our Featured Finance Startup this week is Simple, an online and mobile bank, bringing a modern twist to banking. They began in 2009 and finally began sending out invites in July 2012. Currently, this is an invite-only venture - so visit Simple and sign up! Simple was started out of frustration with banks. We […]

Featured Finance Startup: Backbase


Our featured finance startup this week is Backbase, a software company.  Backbase is a portal for commercial banking that streamlines online interactions with customers on multiple devices. Backbase designs products that improve the lives of real people. Their vision and mission are as follows: We have created the world’s leading lean customer experience platform. It has […]

Steps to Becoming a Successful Personal Banker

Become a personal banker with confidence

Being a successful personal banker is not just about interacting with customers or generating sales, rather it is a career that will can bring you great success in the financial world.  To be successful in this field, you obviously need experience and knowledge of the banking industry . There are many steps that you will […]

Banks with the Best Rewards Programs


In this age of declining credit, people have started turning their faces away from using credit cards and have started to instead use debit cards or cash. As a result, numerous banks have begun touting various reward programs, especially in the USA. Reward programs vary from one bank to another and what might be a […]

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