October 9, 2018 12:07 pm

Investment Banks Face Hit From Brexit

Brexit is the last thing investment banks needed. Friday’s currency swoons and stock rout — triggered by U.K. voters’ surprise decision to withdraw from the European Union — herald even harder times for securities firms already struggling to improve earnings. While some desks made money in the initial turmoil, continued market volatility in the months ahead […]

Trends in Angel Investing

“Tell me about your cap table?” I asked the founder of an early-stage startup. He was clearly passionate about his business, and had assembled a top-notch team to help him achieve his ambitious vision. But the grit and determination that helped him overcome the challenges of his current and former startups seemed to falter a bit […]

Getting Out of Jury Duty: What Works and What Doesn’t

getting out of jury duty

New Yorkers are some of the hardest working and stubborn people. Some can’t leave work for even a minute, and others just can’t be bothered. For that reason, getting out of jury duty is a huge relief for the citizens of the five boroughs. As soon as people are summoned, they try to think of […]

How To Invest In Mexico

Looking at the country through an economist’s lens, Mexico’s economy can be described as mostly predictable and rarely volatile. However, the same cannot be said of Mexico’s stock and bond markets and currency. Given strong links to the United States’ economy, Mexico’s macroeconomic variables tend to move broadly in conjunction with the ups and downs […]

Tax Deduction Checklist for Millennials

Now that the tax season has officially opened up, it’s time to go through 2015 and get serious about saving money on your income tax bill. With the stress of meeting deadlines and gathering up all of the forms, you can easily overlook deductions that could lower your tax bill. To avoid this, we have […]

6 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

Finding a financial advisor who is right for you is an important process. A good financial advisor is there to prevent you from making decisions that would have a negative, unintended impact on you. Who wouldn’t love to have a financial coach to keep you on track to achieve your financial goals? Just like with […]

Best Mobile Banking Apps

The popularity of smartphones and mobile applications have made every industry invent ways to serve their consumers. And while some apps cure boredom, others improve productivity. Mobile banking apps have been a natural product of finance and technology. With mobile banking apps, the number of bank visits and phone calls can be almost totally reduced […]

Hire Me Please! Simple Resume Tips To Help Increase Your Chances Of Claiming the Perfect Job

Putting together an effective resume is one of the single most important first steps in claiming a good job. There are so many ways to build a resume, however, that identifying the most effective can be challenging. Throw in the possibility of little to no experience and this can be one of the most confusing […]

Need a Great Job? Here Are Some of the Top Companies To Work For In 2014

The Great Recession of 2007 can still be felt in many areas around the globe, not least of which is right here in our own county. Millions of people the country over are still trying to dig themselves out of the hole that resulted from it in many different ways. One of the most important […]

Looking For an Interesting and Rewarding Career In a Unique Place? Work Overseas!

While our economic outlook has unarguably brightened in the past couple of years, it is still somewhat of a bear to find a decent job. While this may be true here in the United States, have you ever given thought to the possibility of working overseas? According to a study performed by the State Department […]

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