December 3, 2016 6:14 pm

How to Save Money on Entertainment

Finding ways to save money isn’t always easy, but when you find them, it’s certainly is rewarding. If you enjoy your fair share of fun and entertainment but are also trying to stick to a budget, allow us to share with you a few ways to save money on entertainment.

To keep things simple, we have broken down the entertainment industry down into a few popular categories: movies, television, ticketed events, shows and plays, and obviously, dining.


If you love a night out at the movie the movie theater, but can’t stand spending that $13.99 every time you want to watch a new flick, MoviePass, the nations #1 movie subscription service, may be the solution for movie buffs.

By purchasing a monthly subscription, MoviePass works by giving users the ability to attend a new movie everyday. The subscription, starting at $30.00, can be paid month to month or by annual contract. Location wise, don’t worry about if MoviePass will work where you are, MoviePass is accepted in 93% of theaters across the U.S.

Once you have signed up and received your personal MoviePass card, users can browse available movies and show times using the MoviePass app, available for Apple and Android users.


If your anything like most New Yorkers, you may be paying over $100.00 per month on television cable. That is simply no way to save. It may time to swap out that cable bill for a Netflix subscription. Growing vastly in popularity, Netflix has taken over as one of the nation’s most cost efficient ways to binge on your favorite TV shows and classic movies. Drum roll please … with no commercials!


Netflix allows users to stream their show of choice onto all of the following devices: smart TVs, game consoles, PCs, Macs, mobile phones and tablets. The streaming service is constantly adding new content and notifies viewers when new content is available, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Really trying to cut back? The first trial month on Netflix is completely free, a clever reel-in before you fall in love with Netflix and end up purchasing the monthly subscription of $8.99.

Ticket Required Events

Purchasing tickets for entertainment is and always will be a hassle. However, if you’re going to attend an event, there is really no way to avoid purchasing tickets all together, but their is a cheaper way to do it. Introducing, SeatGeek a ticket search engine that analyzes thousands of ticket prices and puts the best bargain right before your eyes.

SeatGeek offers ticket information for concerts, sporting events, theater shows and more. Users can search performers by name, dates, and event venues for added convenience.

Founded in New York City, home to some of the busiest entertainment venues, SeatGeek also includes interactive maps to help you find your seat before you’re even at the event.

Yes, using a SeatGeek may be an added step, as oppose to hopping on your usual ticket purchasing outlet and just coughing up the cash, but what a way to save money time and time again.

Shows and Plays

Although it’s always wise to plan ahead financially, sometimes going with the flow and making last minute purchase decisions can pay off in your favor. When it comes to attending a show or play, let’s focus on Broadway for the moment, rush tickets can seriously save the day and save you some money while your at it.

A rush ticket is a ticket for a show or performance that is typically purchased for a discounted price on the day of the show. For more popular shows, this rush sale may be geared towards students, for example a “student rush” sale, but there are also general admission rush sales that do not require any form of ID.

Basically, a rush sale is a limited time slot or limited availability ticket sale for those who are willing to wait in line in order to save some money. A risk it to get the biscuit scenario for sure.

Eating Out

Are you a Sunday morning coupon clipper? Clip no more, if you love to indulge in your favorite outlets for all things eating, traveling, and well, buying, you would benefit greatly from utilizing Groupon. Here is their company mission:

“To connect local commerce, increasing consumer buying power while driving more business to local merchants through price and discovery.”

So, what do you need to do? Well, head to the Groupon website or mobile app, search your favorite eating establishment, or even just the place you are headed to tonight, and see if that establishment is on Groupon. Considering you know you will already be spending about thirty dollars on dinner, why not pre-purchase a thirty dollar dinner for twenty dollars on Groupon?

Groupon doesn’t just save money, it’s actually more expensive to just not use it! Groupon even shows you the normal retail price for your purchase compared to the Groupon price.

Not convinced yet? Check out this fun fact:

“Groupon recently announced that it sold its one billionth Groupon, putting the company in the same group as Apple, McDonalds, Uber, The Beatles, Elvis and other brands and icons that have achieved the billion-sold milestone.”


We hope this post about: how to save money on entertainment has struck you with some new money saving inspiration. After all, having a spare dime or two never hurt anybody.