November 29, 2020 5:40 pm

Simple Ways Growing Your Own Food Can Improve Your Finances and the Economy

Have you ever been wandering down the aisles of your favorite grocery store, marveling over how much food prices have gone up over the years? Given that reports suggest that drought in California and colder temps around the country will raise the price of food even more this year, chances are this is something more and more of us will find ourselves doing.

Growing your own food is a solution that can not only help address the impact of the continued climb of food prices on your own wallet, but also several areas of economic stability. Let’s take a look at how starting your own garden can help in these areas, which will in turn provide a better life for you and your children.

Personal Savings

Comparing the costs between growing your own food and purchasing it from the store is a non starter, given that, well there really is no comparison. Not only does the cost of seeds come in at a fraction of what you can expect to pay for purchased produce, but you can also save seeds from crops that come up. Once this cycle has started, you can expect healthy, quality food for next to nothing.


More opportunities to have the fresh produce you love without having to pay for it will most likely result in an increase in its intake. This can lead to a much healthier lifestyle, saving you a bunch of money on health-related costs down the line.

The Environment

Shipping produce costs not only time and money, but also has a sizable negative impact on the environment. Fossil fuels burned by transportation vessels contribute heavily to the amount of pollution we suffer from. Pollution has been linked to many types of diseases, from respiratory conditions even down to cancer.

Do you have any experience in growing your own food that you would like to share?

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