February 9, 2019 6:34 am

Anthony Scaramucci: We Are ‘Under Assault’

Some of the most famous minds in investing convened here this week for an annual celebration of the hedge-fund industry. But, feeling the weight of years of under performance and an uptick in client defections, the mood was anything but festive. Longtime hedge-fund manager Leon Cooperman openly questioned whether it made sense to continue on […]

And Now For Some Brilliant Slogans Hedge Funds Should Consider For Their Ad Campaigns

The news that the SEC will begin allowing hedge fund to publicly advertise has set Twitter ablaze with suggestions for slogans. Or, as they say on twitter, #hedgefundslogans. Some of our favorites: “Fee all that you can fee.” “Trades great! More billing!”- “Can’t spell hedge fund without F-U-N!” “You may remember our stock picks on […]

Two Years After Clearing His Name, A Hedge Fund Manager Is Rebuilding His Empire

The headline ran “Troubled Firm to Close 2 Funds Worth $4 Billion.” It was February 2008, and the firm in question was the hedge fund D.B. Zwirn. It had succumbed to accounting irregularities, though its namesake, Dan Zwirn, was cleared of any wrongdoing. Now Zwirn, 42, is plotting his comeback, according to the New York […]

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