November 29, 2020 5:22 am

Wednesday’s Retail Sales Report Will Be Complicated As Heck

A Bush-era payroll tax cut expired in 2012, and economists continue to worry about how it will impact consumer spending.  After all, personal consumption continues to account for around 70 percent of GDP. The January retail sales report reflected a modest increase in consumer spending.  However, economists reminded us that most Americans probably didn’t get […]

The Massive Surge In Chinese Exports May Be ‘More Of A Curse Than A Blessing’

Chinese exports surged 21.8 percent in February. After a surge the previous month, Jan-Feb exports are up 23.6 percent. This happens at a time when exports for Taiwan and Korea fell. Societe Generale’s Wei Yao writes that the difference stemmed from a surge in Chinese exports to the EU (up 15.2 percent) and the U.S. […]

China Is Releasing An Important Inflation Report In A Few Hours

Chinese inflation data for February is out at 8:30 p.m. ET. Analysts polled by Bloomberg are looking for consumer prices to rise 3 percent on the year, compared with 2 percent the previous month. The reason this data is important is because  consensus reflects a rising inflation trend, one that policymakers are always watching closely. […]

Here’s The Ridiculous Way Bears Are Justifying Their Wrong Calls While The Stock Market Is At All-Time Highs

Nobody likes to admit that they were wrong, especially when the mistake is directly tied to one’s job description. With the stock markets surging to all-time highs, Wall Street’s most famous bears have found themselves struggling to explain to their clients why they were told to stay out of stocks. While each bear’s explanation is […]

SocGen: This Will Be A Breakout Year For The US Economy, And A Watershed Moment In Markets Is About To Occur

Analysts at French bank Societe Generale have a big report out titled The Return Of Yield: Preparing For Rising Long Term Rates. The theme is very great rotation-y in that they argue that the economy is turning the corner, and interest rates are about to rise. Their language is strong and dramatic. A watershed moment […]

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