December 3, 2016 5:56 am

The Driving Forces Behind the Recent Slide In the Stock Market


The past couple of days have been especially hard on market investors. On Wednesday, June 11th alone, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which averages out 30 of the most influential stocks on the exchange, lost over 100 points, one of the most significant falls this year. So what happened? Earlier this week we saw four […]

The Return of Groupon

via Wired On Thursday, September 12 Groupon stock closed near its 52- week high at $11.76, it’s market cap is above $8 billion and it’s set to make one of 2013’s unlikely comebacks since bottoming out in November 2012. Under ex-CEO Andrew Mason, 80% of Groupon’s value was shed during the first nine months of […]

U.S. stocks rise after Bernanke’s announcement

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Steinfeldt. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s announcement in regards to foreseeable economic stimuli drove U.S stocks to an upward rally yesterday. More specifically, the S&P 500 rose 0.4 percent to 1,682.15 at 12:21pm, in New York yesterday. The Dow Industrial Average soared 23.80 points to reach 15,475.65 today. As Stephen Wood, […]

Consumers Are Thrilled, Economic Data Is Kicking Butt, And The Stock Market Is Going Wild

Everything’s going great! First of all the stock market. After wobbling last week, the Dow is surging another 190 points today. HUGE. Second, consumers are really happy. The latest Consumer Conference Board consumer confidence index just destroyed expectations. And it’s not just that consumer number, all kinds of US numbers are beating lately. Richmond Fed […]

Study Show Google Search Terms Can Predict Stock Market

G finance

The terms people search for on Google have been used to forecast how many Americans have the flu, travel plans and the price for which cars sell. Now a scientific study shows that Google search can be used to predict the stock market as well. Using Google Trends, a service that shows the popularity of search […]

The Stock Market Is Ripping Higher

40% Of Americans Couldn’t Care Less About The Stock Market Rally

The S&P 500 just hit an all-time closing high, and the Dow has been hitting and breaching its record high in recent weeks. But the stock market rally has had a “limited effect on the public’s economic outlook because they are not what affect people’s personal financial situation,” according to a PEW survey.  Of those […]

Here’s How Amazing Your Investment Returns Would Be, If You Could Perfectly Forecast The Next Recession

There’s been another round of discussion lately surrounding ECRI and its infamous 2011 recession call. Bill McBride at Calculated Risk (via Cullen Roche) has a great post up about recession forecasting and the stock market. The question is: If you knew exactly whe recessions were going to start and end, could you significantly outperform the […]

All Of The World’s Big Stock Markets Are On A Massive Rally — Except For One Country

The world is staging a rally on “steroids” as Doug Short puts it, in his latest weekly market update. New highs are being seen all over the place. But as Short notes, one country is MIA: China. Check out how badly it’s lagging everyone else. Another interesting phenomenon is that the FTSE 100 — the […]

The Stock Market Is Just A Few Points From An All-Time High

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