February 11, 2015 10:00 pm

Silver- the app that compares hundreds of credit cards at once


Finding the right credit card has never been so quick and easy. Through the Silver app you will be able to find the best deals, rewards, cash back, no annual fee, best balance transfer and more. Using their very own algorithm, Silver will determine the best credit card in the market to suit your personal [...]

San Francisco Second US city to raise minimum wage to $15

Fast-Food Strikes in 50 U.S. Cities Seeking $15 Per Hour

Tuesday saw San Fransisco become the second city in the U.S. to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. This motion was approved after 77% of voters agreed that minimum wage should be gradually inctrased from $10.74 to $15 an hour. This decision is following the state of Seattle’s approval in June to raise [...]

FinancialAdvisorsToday.us - A Leading Financial Staffing Firm


Executive James O’Malley is the founder of the niche financial staffing firm on the market today and the top cities where jobs can be found in various sectors - FinancialAdvisorsToday.us. O’Malley states, “With many years in Business, we understand the “Advisor” is the commodity in this transaction - My partners and I have negotiated deals [...]

Hire Me Please! Simple Resume Tips To Help Increase Your Chances Of Claiming the Perfect Job


Putting together an effective resume is one of the single most important first steps in claiming a good job. There are so many ways to build a resume, however, that identifying the most effective can be challenging. Throw in the possibility of little to no experience and this can be one of the most confusing [...]

Confirmed: icitizens aims to strengthen American democracy with a mobile app


One of the things that make the United States a proud nation is its mature democracy, but there are some major issues it still needs to tackle. iCitizen is a startup that aims to strengthen American democracy and give you a voice to speak out about issues that are important to you. With the mobile app, [...]

The Mint App Shows You Where All Your Money Is Going


Have you ever had the thought: “I really don’t know where all my money is going to”? Yes, most of us do. Mint is an app that might help you giving you more insight in this issue. How does it work? You can create a Mint account in a matter of minutes and link all your personal [...]

Finance App: SavedPlus


Keeping track of your personal finances is the most common struggle. Anything to make this feat easier is a welcome to my lifestyle. So, finance apps are a lifesaver. We wanted to feature one app in particular, SavedPlus! SavedPlus is a free app, for iPhone and Android, that also has a web dashboard as well. [...]

Featured Finance Startup: eToro


eToro: Your Social Investment Network Connect with other traders & investors and copy their trades. Our most recent featured finance startup is eToro. eToro is the first global market place for people to trade currencies, commodities, indices and stocks online in a simple, transparent and more enjoyable way. Today, eToro empowers over 2.75 million users [...]

Learning From The Financial Crisis In 2013

How to face financial crisis

The Great Depression of the year 1929 was when US economy was totally at its lowest point. The banks were shut down. People lost their lifelong investments. Businesses suffered due to the stock market crash. Instability and financial conditions became bad to worse. The majority of the population lost their jobs due to bankruptcy, and [...]

The Rise of AUD

Rise of AUD

The Australian dollar has been appreciated strongly over the past decade, leading to increased concerns over the impacts of the high exchange rate on trade-exposed sectors of the economy. The Australian dollar is on the rise as the traders went to bargain hunting, taking advantage of the currency’s lower value, after its big fall once [...]

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