December 2, 2016 1:56 pm

OfferUp: Sell Your Items Locally with this App!


When it comes to making a quick buck or just cleaning out your closet, the go-to platforms have been eBay and Craigslist. But those can be really hit-and-miss; either you end up selling it for much less than expected, it ends up taking forever, or you have to deal with some shady people. Sure, Craigslist […]

The Future of Mobile Banking is Bright

The future of mobile banking is bright

According to Ernest & Young, mobile banking is definitely the next big thing in the banking industry. Many industry observers think that it will become a routine for most banks to offer mobile banking within the next decade, just as is the case with using ATMs. The number of people whose mobile devices will be […]

Confirmed: icitizens aims to strengthen American democracy with a mobile app


One of the things that make the United States a proud nation is its mature democracy, but there are some major issues it still needs to tackle. iCitizenĀ is a startup that aims to strengthen American democracy and give you a voice to speak out about issues that are important to you. With the mobile app, […]

Is There Money In The Apps Industry?

Money in App Industry

Mobile apps make up our lives. Be it any less or massive task, it is all covered up. And responding to our wants, the apps market is getting cluttered as a number of people rush into developing apps for IOS and Android. But is there money amidst there for app developers? Apparently, Google dominates the […]

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