December 5, 2016 9:15 pm

Natural Gas: The $400 Billion Marriage Between China and Russia

gas deal

For the last several months, the crisis in the Ukraine has dominated headlines around the world, a fact that is directly responsible for the worst relations between the United States and Russia since the Cold War. While repercussions thus far have been relatively light, taking the form of sanctions on different individuals close to Russian […]

The Driverless Car: Google’s Bid To Get Into the Auto Industry?


One of the hallmarks of Google, one of the largest and most powerful presences on the internet, is its penchant for innovation in new areas. The list supporting this is wide and varied, including popular products such as Google Glass, the Android operating system and even robots! This makes the recent announcement by Google of […]

The Top Cities To Live In With the Best Employment Potential


The last decade or so has been a pretty difficult time financially for a lion’s share of the average population. A plummeting stock market, the housing bubble and an incredibly high unemployment rate have all been instrumental in cinching up the belt lines of millions of US citizens. Fortunately, things have gotten a bit better […]

The Top Career Choices For 2014


Choosing the right career is an incredibly important decision. While making this choice at an early age does not lock you into it for the rest of your life, choosing wisely the first time can avoid the unpleasant need to switch fields and start over from the very beginning once again. So which fields are […]

What Age Is the Ideal Time To Retire?


Retirement is something that just about all of us look forward to. While many people may love their jobs, the prospect of having all of your time to do exactly what you want is definitely something to salivate over. Retirement is a bit different than it was in olden times, with more people retiring later […]

The Staggering Economic Repercussions of Online Piracy


Living in today’s modern world means having to navigate all of the pitfalls and traps laid out by criminals looking to make a fast buck. Identity theft, one of the most common forms of online criminal activity, is responsible for untold hardships, ranging from the obvious financial impact to the emotional toll it can take. […]

Simple Ways Growing Your Own Food Can Improve Your Finances and the Economy


Have you ever been wandering down the aisles of your favorite grocery store, marveling over how much food prices have gone up over the years? Given that reports suggest that drought in California and colder temps around the country will raise the price of food even more this year, chances are this is something more […]

How To Make Money With Bitcoin

bitcoin money1

Ever since the exposure of Silk Road, and its subsequent take down after doing around $2 billion in business, Bitcoin has been making waves in news outlets around the world. While Bitcoin may not be the very first cryptocurrency ever created, it is undoubtedly by far the most well known. As with many new and […]

Obama’s 2015 Budget Proposal Shows Continued Care for Lower Tax Brackets


Every time Americans hear that it is time for another budget to be approved, flashes of past debacles most likely dart thorough their minds. Just last year, our government was shut down for over two weeks, due to an inability for Democrats and Republicans to reach a consensus.. While the 2014 budget is covered at […]

The Economic Benefits of the Legalization of Marijuana


On January 1st of 2014, something happened that has never happened in any other state in our nation: the first bag of legal marijuana was sold for recreational purposes in Colorado. While medical marijuana has been around for some years now, no state or federal legislative body had ever made the leap to recreational use…until […]

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