July 20, 2014 8:46 am

The Driverless Car: Google’s Bid To Get Into the Auto Industry?

One of the hallmarks of Google, one of the largest and most powerful presences on the internet, is its penchant for innovation in new areas. The list supporting this is wide and varied, including popular products such as Google Glass, the Android operating system and even robots!

This makes the recent announcement by Google of their upcoming driverless car a highly-contested source of speculation. Is Google planning on getting into the car business, just like they have their hands in so many other pies?

The short answer is easy: Probably not.

So why is Google developing this kind of technology? Let’s take a look!

driverless1 300x166 The Driverless Car: Googles Bid To Get Into the Auto Industry?


Regardless of whether or not Google plans on building cars themselves, the systems they have developed could contribute to one of the hottest new trends in the automotive industry. Analysts project that driverless-car technology could turn into a behemoth that generates more than $240 billion each year. Even if Google only got a small piece of this pie, by selling their self-driving systems to auto makers, it would result in quite a bit of additional revenue.

Digital Integration

One of the most popular trends in reference to making automobiles is the increasing number of apps, devices and general smartphone features integrated into them. This is an area where Google reigns supreme, and is also an area where their driverless car systems could make more of an impact.

If Google is providing these systems to manufacturers, chances are that they will use other aspects of Google’s technology rather than go with another company. Getting their foot in the door as quickly as possible could see them with a larger market share than its most fierce competitor, Apple.


Regardless of Google’s intentions on branching out into the automotive industry, their driverless car technology is one of the coolest inventions to hit that industry in decades. What is your take on Google’s driverless care system? Let us know in the Comments section below!