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Google’s reach on the world!

Today the world has become a smaller place. There is one word that you, whether you want or not, CANNOT ignore. That word is Google.

Twenty years back, who would have thought that the entire world would be so fast, just because whatever information you want, is just a click away. It seems like Google has captured our minds and the internet has become synonymous with Google.

Google says about its company history was started from scratch. No bigwigs, no proper structure. Two young people named Larry Page and Sergey Brin, young technical enthusiasts of mid-90s, wanted to rock the world. They made an engine called Backrub, the earlier version of Google. On September 15, they registered a domain The word Google was derived from “googol”, a mathematical term for number equaling ten raised to hundred. It is practically infinity, which defines the purpose of Google: to accumulate and organize the infinite information around the internet.

Google in 2000 announces MentalPlex, ability to read your mind. “I’m feeling lucky” option on its homepage was a product of this launch.

Google Doodles were introduced in the same year. Also, that time, Google was available in only 10 languages (all European) namely- French, German, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Spanish as compared to more than 150 languages today.

In October 2000, Google launched AdWords, keyword targeting program. In December 2000, Google launched Google Toolbar.

Google’s first acquisition was’s Usenet Discussion Services in February 2001. Google Images was launched in July 2001. The first international office was opened in Tokyo, Japan.

Google acquired Pyra Labs in February 2003 and then started their Previously, blogger belonged to Pyra Labs.  AdSense was launched in March in the same year for organizing and monetizing the advertisements. Thus, advertisements genre gets linked to Google through Adsense.

In January 2004, Orkut was launched, which was the most important social networking site before Facebook domination. Thus, Google enters into the social networking arena through Orkut. Gmail, most used personal mailing site, was launched on 1st April, 2004. The Google enters the mailing zone through Gmail. In July 2004, Picasa is acquired by Google. In October same year, it enters satellite-imagery service area by buying ‘KeyHole’ which is known as ‘Google Earth’ today.

The year 2005 saw Google launching many services that you could just utilize the internet for. Google Analytics measures the impact of websites and marketing campaigns.

Google's services

Till 2006, Google had already spread its wings in the cyber world, now it is time to flutter it and fly high above everything. In early 2006, a variety of services were launched like Google Finance, Google Calendar, Google Translate was available for only Arabic and English, Google Trends are launched, and Google attempts to enter every area left on the internet. The biggest acquisition came in October 2006 as Google bought the video-sharing website, YouTube.

The browsing business is also not left untouched by Google as it launched Chrome. Android operating systems are also acquired by Google, and it leaves no room for any area where it is not present. Google Voice and Google Ventures are launched by Google in March 2009.

In May 2009, it acquired AdMob, a mobile display advertising company. In September 2009, Zagat had been acquired by Google to find the best places. Google bought Motorola, the company that launched the first mobile phone, in May 2012. In June 2013, Google acquired Waze in a bid to outsmart web traffic. In July 2013, it is hand-holding StarBucks, to bring faster Wi-Fi connections, to 7000 company-run Starbucks stores in the United States.

These are just the tips of the iceberg. Google is everywhere. You just think an area of utilization, and Google enters it with spree. You never know, what Google’s next acquisition will be? You just can think of anything and Google makes it possible the very day. Thus, this “Don’t Be Evil” search monster is unquestionable internet king or we can say the internet is synonymous as Google, and there’s no hiding from it!

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