February 10, 2019 4:24 am

Tax Benefits for Self-Employed

  The best way to be financially independent while keeping your tax liability low is to be self-employed. You don’t necessarily need to own a huge business to enjoy the perks. It can be a smart part-time or full-time business. Having your own business offers you a plenty of advantages. You have the freedom to […]

Easy Checklist For Filing Your Taxes

Tax time

Filing your income tax returns? It’s always hustle-bustle! Some may beg to differ, but people surely get a hard time while filing income tax returns. It’s not only the accounts section, but also all the legal stuff that you need to remember and act upon. So, it is better that you make specific note-downs every […]

Filing for Taxes in the US as a non-US Resident

Filing for Taxes in the US as a non-US Resident

Yankees need to file their taxes if in U.S or not, and all the persons/individuals in United States land are classified under four groups under US taxation administration:- US resident (usual United States citizen) Permanent resident Alien (United States citizen living internationally on a permanent basis) Resident alien (A non-US citizen living in the United […]

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