February 10, 2019 10:17 am

The Flux And Flow Of The US Housing Market

US housing market

The country’s housing market had been the talk of the town since September when contracts to purchase previously owned US houses fell by greatest degree in more than the last three years. This served as a clear indicator that the softer economy and the subsequent rise in mortgage rates are hurting the US housing market. […]

Mortgage Credit Availability Increases

Mortgage Credit Availability Increases

For the past several years, many borrowers have found that lenders had put in place tighter guidelines at the same time that mortgage rates were at historically low levels. This made it nearly impossible for many consumers to purchase homes or refinance existing mortgages. However, with a housing recovery in process and the recent rise […]

If You’re Still Not Convinced That Housing Is Back, Then Check Out The ‘Frenzy’ At This California Open House

We’ve been writing for months about the housing comeback. Prices are up. Housing starts are up. Construction jobs are up. Home-builder stocks have been surging. But if you’re not interested in “charts” and “data” which say that the U.S. housing market is coming back, then this video is for you. It was posted on Calculated […]

Hedge Fund God Says Old People Are Stealing From The Young And It’s Going To End Up Like The Housing Crisis

Billionaire hedge fund god Stanley Druckenmiller told Bloomberg TV’s Stephanie Ruhle that old people today are essentially stealing from the younger population via entitlement transfer payments.   Druckenmiller, who is known to be media shy, told Bloomberg TV that a “demographic storm is just starting now” and it reminds him of housing market collapse.  “It […]

CoreLogic: Home Prices Are Climbing At The Fastest Pace Since April 2006

Nationwide home prices, including distressed sales, climbed 9.7 percent year-over-year (YoY) in January, according to CoreLogic’s latest home price report. This is the eleventh straight monthly rise, and it’s the biggest gain since April 2006. On the month, home prices were up 0.7 percent. Ex-distressed sales, home prices were up 9 percent on the year, […]

Jim Rogers Tells Us About The Time He Got Wiped Out Shorting 6 Stocks (SPY, DIA)

Jim Rogers stopped by Business Insider to talk to us about his new book “Street Smarts.” He talks to us about a moral dilemma he faced at Balliol College that was similar to the one he faced with George Soros at the Quantum Fund. He also tells us about the time he thought he was […]

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