October 3, 2018 2:44 pm

Almost No Risk Is Priced Into Financial Markets, And There’s Virtually Nothing On Investors’ Radar (SPX, SPY, DIA, DJI, QQQ, VIX, TLT)

Since the government shutdown ended and a debt ceiling crisis was averted, global financial stress has fallen to levels not seen since before the financial crisis. “The GFSI index, measuring market stress through 40 factors covering 5 asset classes, witnessed one of its fastest historical declines following the temporary US debt resolution last week,” write […]

American Companies Have Basically Been Asking For Activist Hedge Funds To Take Their Money

The rise of activist hedge funds in the last few years has American companies looking over their shoulders to see if an investor boogie man is following somewhere close behind. It’s scary, but here’s the thing - American companies brought it on themselves. Looking back, it made sense that companies were afraid to use their […]

Featured Finance Startup: Simple

  Our Featured Finance Startup this week is Simple, an online and mobile bank, bringing a modern twist to banking. They began in 2009 and finally began sending out invites in July 2012. Currently, this is an invite-only venture - so visit Simple and sign up! Simple was started out of frustration with banks. We […]

The Success of Startups


It looks extremely simple and easy from the outside when you see someone with the latest technological innovations and venture capital funding, becoming a billionaire in his 20s. The evidence points to the contrary. It actually suggests that venture backed startups that fail are far higher than what the industry usually shows. According to research […]

Fund Managers Still See December As Most Likely Timing For Fed Tapering Despite Crisis In Washington

The BofA Merrill Lynch rates and FX strategy team has just published the results of its October fund-manager survey, which contains an interesting observation: Investors still view the December FOMC meeting as the most likely timeframe in which the Federal Reserve will begin scaling back its quantitative easing program. Thirty-seven percent of the 80 global […]

Step Inside The Bigger And Faster $21 Million Learjet 85

By the end of 2013, Bombardier should be ready to put its latest private jet, the Learjet 85, into the air for the first time. About a year after that, if all goes well, deliveries will begin. But those who can’t wait to get on board the largest, tallest, widest Learjet ever, will have to […]

Featured Finance Startup: Learnvest

      Our featured finance startup this week is Learnvest, financial planning services! Mission Our mission at LearnVest is to empower people everywhere to take control of their personal finances so that they can afford their dreams. We believe that financial planning should not be a luxury, which is why we’ve developed an advice-driven […]

How the Global Market Welcomes the New Mobile Manufacturers

New mobile manufacturers

The generation today is witnessing an exciting transformation among all the small US manufacturers of mobile phones. In addition to that, a lot of new mobile manufacturers are jumping into the mix giving customers a comprehensive range of choices in terms of quality, price as well as features. For example, you might have heard about […]

ON TO DAY 3 — The Big Meeting At The White House Is Over, And There’s No Progress On The Shutdown And Debt Ceiling

Republican and Democratic leaders came out of a big meeting at the White House without any visible progress in talks over the ongoing government shutdown and the upcoming need to raise the nation’s borrowing limit.  Both sides came out of the meeting with the exact same positions they’ve had all along. With no solution and […]

The Fabulous Lives Of Wall Street Offspring

Just like you and me, Wall Streeters from all parts of the  industry get the itch to settle down and start a family at some point. That means they have kids who share their fabulous lives. We decided to track down a bunch of them and see what they’ve done with them.   All in […]

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