September 28, 2018 1:09 pm

Why People Should Start Investing at a Young Age

Invest young

One of the key ingredients to building wealth is to start as early as possible. But for most of the young people, life in the 20s is all about experimentation, freedom, fun, change and growth. Often it’s where we make the big mistakes, and learn the most important lessons. It’s no different when it comes […]

The Most Competitive Majors In The United States

Competitive majors in the US

If you are one of the million students in the USA who is planning to take up a major in the recent future, you must be extremely careful while choosing them; as college can be a sizeable investment and in the end if you do not follow your heart, you will ultimately hurt the chances […]

Student Loans and Debt Around the World

College debt

When we talk about college tuition, there’s only one main topic that comes into the spotlight – the cost of going to university. In the United States, nearly 20 million Americans attend college every year of which, 60% borrow annually to help cover the costs of getting a decent education. According to data collected by […]

Can “mom & pop” shops last in the near future? Will big businesses take over?

Local businesses

With big businesses expanding their chains and big box stores opening all over the country, will the “mom & pop” shops be able to survive? These small businesses, which are commonly independently owned, are a strong contrast to the franchises and large corporations that seem to be taking over. The debate has been a hot […]

Prohibition In United States – Economics And Consequences

Ban on alcohols

People value liberty and egalitarianism and demand them more often from the society. The right to live a life according to their whims is every individual’s dream but shows the faintest hint of occurrence. Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution and the Volstead Act mandated a nationwide ban on the sale, production and transportation of alcohol […]

Gas Prices: Always On The Run?

Gas Price

Gas, derived from the world’s leading fuel - crude oil, has always cut chunks of cash from the pockets. Its current rates worldwide have been through a journey of ups and downs. The fluctuation of gasoline price is strongly affected by its supply, demand, inflation and taxes. In 1960, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries […]

The Flux And Flow Of The US Housing Market

US housing market

The country’s housing market had been the talk of the town since September when contracts to purchase previously owned US houses fell by greatest degree in more than the last three years. This served as a clear indicator that the softer economy and the subsequent rise in mortgage rates are hurting the US housing market. […]

$27 of Bitcoin Made a Norwegian Rich

In 2009, Kristoffer Koch invested 150 Kroner ($26.60) in 5,000 bitcoins after he discovered them while writing a thesis on encryption. In April 2013, following the widespread media coverage of the peer-to-peer digital currency he remembered about his invested bitcoins. Stored in encrypted wallets, with a private key Koch had forgotten all about them. After […]

The Rise And Fall Of Steve Cohen

Featured Finance Startup: Mint

Our Featured Finance Startup this week is Mint, an online personal spending and budgetary tool to help track your goals, set a budget and do more with your money. In 2005, Mint founder Aaron Patzer was looking at a gruelling afternoon of accounting-type work, from poring over statements to categorizing purchases. A few hours in […]

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