February 23, 2016 3:33 am

Tax Deduction Checklist for Millennials

Tax Deduction Checklist for Millennials, Tax Deductions, Tax Tips

Now that the tax season has officially opened up, it’s time to go through 2015 and get serious about saving money on your income tax bill. With the stress of meeting deadlines and gathering up all of the forms, you can easily overlook deductions that could lower your tax bill. To avoid this, we have […]

Costco Accidentally Sells a Laptop for $0.01

Costco Lists Laptop for One Cent Fiscal Today

Early morning on October 12, consumers visited Costco online to find a laptop listed for $0.01. When browsing through HP laptops, the Star Wars™ Special Edition notebook listed for $1,016.99 but when visitors clicked on the item, a new page opened with a new price- one cent. Then if users added on a deal, enhancing the […]

Darren Graff: Top Financial Advisor in NYC

Managing your finances, portfolio, and estates are not an easy task. That’s where a lot of individuals and businesses seek a professional - a Financial Advisor. When it comes to Financial Advisors, you only want to be in the best hands. We caught up with one professional in NYC, Darren Graff, who gave us insights […]

The Rise of the RoboInvestors

Many argue that investing in the stock market is still the best way to get ahead of inflation and increase wealth in the long term. It is widely accepted that you can expect a 7% return from the stock market in the long term. However, this 7% return does not apply if you are only […]

When Active Fund Management Makes Sense for Investors

Reshare from USNews;   In some areas of your portfolio, it may make sense to opt for an actively managed fund. High-yield municipal bonds and international small cap funds are solid choices for active management. The debate between active and passive management may never be settled, particularly in the media. Plenty of investors, advisors and academics hold […]

OfferUp: Sell Your Items Locally with this App!


When it comes to making a quick buck or just cleaning out your closet, the go-to platforms have been eBay and Craigslist. But those can be really hit-and-miss; either you end up selling it for much less than expected, it ends up taking forever, or you have to deal with some shady people. Sure, Craigslist […]

Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing: Company Spotlight


Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing is a high-touch mortgage and loan servicer based mostly out of Greenville, SC and Houston, TX. Shellpoint Mortgage has a 15-year history of excellent customer service and a long-standing reputation as a homeownership loans manager. Co-CEO Saul Saunders brings 30 years of experience in mortgage services. Both Saunders and co-CEO Bruce WIlliams […]

Today’s Tech Funding News Brief


Spotify Closes $526M Funding Round As The Fight With Apple Escalates All ears may have been tuned in on Apple’s announced music-streaming service this week, but Spotify is stepping up its game thanks to a fresh $526 million funding round, according to a Wall Street Journal report, valuing the company at $8.53 billion. This effectively […]

Bion Bartning: Modern Entrepreneur in the Big Apple


We have all had the dream of inventing the next big thing. The traditional image of an entrepreneur is often associated with a slick corporate suit, highrise building and endless supply of fast flashy cars. This image has a lot to do with a number of 80s movies and their idealised view of the everyday […]

Tradition Launches Electronic Trading Platform for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) & Inflation Derivatives

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 4.58.15 PM

Tradition, a leading global brokerage company servicing the world’s largest primary dealers, today announced that it has launched Stream Global for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (“TIPS”), to increase volumes in the US inflation market.   StreamGlobal is an integrated voice and electronic price execution platform.  It integrates the functionality of Volume Match with straight-through processing to ensure […]

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