October 13, 2018 3:18 pm

College Financial Aid Questions and Answers

With the increasing costs and aggravating overheads of attending to college, more and more percentage of students are highly relying on financial aid to help meet their tuition and other related fees. Financial Aid such as student loans is specially designed to help individuals with limited means or inadequate financial source the opportunity to attend […]

Best Mobile Banking Apps

The popularity of smartphones and mobile applications have made every industry invent ways to serve their consumers. And while some apps cure boredom, others improve productivity. Mobile banking apps have been a natural product of finance and technology. With mobile banking apps, the number of bank visits and phone calls can be almost totally reduced […]

Best Mortgage Companies of 2015 (so far)

Buying a home at some point (or multiple points) during their lives is a dream for most people in the US. More often than not, to make this dream into a reality, Americans will need the help of a mortgage company to help them purchase the property. After that, the mortgage becomes one of two […]

Robinhood: Stock market trading hits the 21st century

Say hello to Robinhood - an elegant and simple new iOS app that lets you trade stocks for free. Unlike traditional brokerages, who charge somewhere between $7 and $10 per trade - the Robinhood app lets you do the trades in a few simple taps - for free. It has already been adopted by half […]

Can crowdfunding replace artists’ day jobs?

On Feb 11th, 2014, there was an article by Elizabeth Weiss on the New Yorker titled “Can crowdfunding replace artists’ day jobs” that sought to find out whether crowdfunding can be the solution to the artist’s problem of financial challenges. In the article, Weiss gives a vivid account on how crowdfunding has evolved over the years to support […]

Realizing Affordable Healthcare: The Advent of Medical Billing

The cost of Healthcare today is driven by many complex contributing factors — the high cost of pharmaceuticals, expensive new medical equipment, governmental regulations, the increasing costs of physician education, and the costs of adopting the new medical procedures and standards, which often have dramatic impacts on the costs of maintenance and upgrades to medical […]

Are You Ready To File Your Taxes? These Three Apps Can Help!

Apps for filing tax

Now, filing taxes can never be as easy as that. You can file your taxes sitting in the comfort of your couch through your Smartphone’s. Below are some applications that can help you with E-tax-filing. Shoeboxed Shoeboxed is rated as the best application for E-filing by Yahoo Finance, it is available on iOS and Android […]

Frugal Living - Life Hacks To Save Money!

Frugal Living

It happens with all of us. You plan to save a little money of your salary. You get your salary, but the expenditure is more than your earning. You don’t have a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so you have to find some realistic ways to save money. You should control […]

All Your Cards In One COIN - Is This Safe?

All Cards in One Coin

“Coin” is a device in the size of a credit card. It’s electronic. And it digitally stores up to 8 cards and lets you choose between them. By pressing a circular button on its surface, you can select which one to pay with. Coin, a start-up established in San Francisco, launched a crowdfunding promotion in […]

Is There Money In The Apps Industry?

Money in App Industry

Mobile apps make up our lives. Be it any less or massive task, it is all covered up. And responding to our wants, the apps market is getting cluttered as a number of people rush into developing apps for IOS and Android. But is there money amidst there for app developers? Apparently, Google dominates the […]

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